Data Science with Python

During my PhD I mostly worked with Java and Matlab. However my last job as a Data scientist required me to code in python. I had previously used python, but was not expert in python. After working six month in python for developing machine learning algorithms, I am pretty sure that I wont look back to java. The most important factor for choosing Python over Java… Read more →

Data Science vs Business Analytics

I have been often asked about how Data science is different than Business Analytics. Recently I found a infographic which distinguishes these two fields and can be very useful in understanding the career path as a Data scientist or Business Analyst. The infographic is attached as follows: Orignal article can be found here Read more →

TODO List for 2016

For couple of years I create a TODO list for my next year. Its a good way to plan motivate myself to achieve your goal. This year my todo list starts with finishing my PhD, will be deep diving into python. Apart from the boring stuff, I am planning to start writing about text analytics. It would be almost 80% from my PhD work… Read more →

Finally PHP7 is here

Yes, PHP7 is finally released. The list of new features are described at the php official site. Out of so many tutorials about php7 I really like Davey Shafik blog posts. I met Shafik at New Zealand PHP conference and we had couple of discussions related to php7. Lots of interesting articles related to php7 can be found here. Read more →

List of PHP resources

I recently came across awesome list of php resources that can be very handy. Have a look at the following and save it 🙂 Dependency Management Libraries for dependency and package management. Composer/Packagist – A package and dependency manager. Composer Installers – A multi framework Composer library installer. Pickle – A PHP extension installer. Melody – A tool to build… Read more →

Fifty handy resources of machine learning data science and bigdata

Cheat sheets for Python:  Python is a popular choice for beginners, yet still powerful enough to back some of the world’s most popular products and applications. It’s design makes the programming experience feel almost as natural as writing in English. Python basics or Python Debugger cheatsheets for beginners covers important syntax to get started. Community-provided libraries such as numpy, scipy,… Read more →