Sentiments and emotions analysis code for twitter

emotions-e1466075464148open source open society was organizing a hackathon on Saturday 20th August and luckily I was free at that day. I never participated in any hackathon before. This is because I thought hackathon is just a waste of time. But this time, I thought why not give it a try and see what happens.

We started with small intro and then everyone was invited to pitch a project to work for the rest of the day or host a session or talk about something.

Few people pitched ideas and some of them hosted few session. I also pitched an idea about sentiments and machine learning.

I created a very simple twitter sentiment and emotion script in python. The code can be seen here.

I had an amazing time in the hackathon and I would recommend everyone to at least participate once in your lifetime.

In general, the hackathon is not all about coding or building stuff, but it provides an opportunity to discover new ideas, network with professionals, and to learn from others experiences.