Monthly Archives: March 2015

BigData and DataScience Skills worth more than $100000 Salary

How many of you have seen recently published 2015 Salary Survey by The survey consist of responses from 23,470 IT professionals in the fall of 2014 and a list of highly paying technical skills. I am sure after viewing the list you might want to learn some of those skills. Big data is worth $116,414 with nearly 35,000 job listings  and Data Science is… Read more →

What is Wrong With All Machine Learning Models

John Langford a machine learning research scientist, works in Microsoft and author of the weblog, has recently published a brilliant article about flaws in machine learning models. Currently the link to his original article is down, but you can find his article as below. John Article (Taken from here) Attempts to abstract and study machine learning are within some given… Read more →

Machine Learning is a new form of statistics

Statistics and machine learning are thought to be two separate fields. But if you read good articles from highly reputed journals of machine learning you will realize that these two fields are merging together. Not too long ago, a new field “statistical machine learning” made it clear that these two field have too much in common. Coming from computer science background, I… Read more →