BigData and DataScience Skills worth more than $100000 Salary

Highest Paid JobsHow many of you have seen recently published 2015 Salary Survey by The survey consist of responses from 23,470 IT professionals in the fall of 2014 and a list of highly paying technical skills. I am sure after viewing the list you might want to learn some of those skills. Big data is worth $116,414 with nearly 35,000 job listings  and Data Science is worth $116,936 with nearly 33,000 listings on

Apart from Data Architect skill, opportunities for the rest of the jobs mentioned in the survey are around 1500 whereas opportunities for the Big Data and Data Science is way higher. One thing is for sure, Big Data and Data Science skills are much more in demand than any other highly paid technical skills. If you already have those skills then consider your self lucky, but if you don’t then my advice would be to start learning about Big Data and Data Science from today. It is worth spending your time and it will definitely pay off in long run.

Complete list of top 30 highly paid skills can be found Here